Custom Hemp Processing to CBD Oil, Distillate, and Isolate

Defiant Hemp Company is one of only a handful of full service hemp processing companies in the Front Range of Colorado.  Our in house facilities allow for us to receive and processes several thousand pounds of raw hemp biomass to a crude CBD oil with a contractually guaranteed capture of at least 80% of the target molecule.  With additional time we can process your hemp into a CBD distillate or isolate at competitive rates.

Crude CBD Oil Processing

Excellent for storage or retail sale, Defiant Hemp Company can process your bio mass into a crude CBD oil for post processing, long term storage or wholesale distribution.  We offer competitive pricing, crop share options and custom terms depending on weight of bio mass.

CDB Distillate Processing

CBD post processing to a distillate can be a profitable way for hemp farmers to turn their bio mass into an easily liquid product. Our propitiatory process can leave you with a THC controlled product that’s able to be quickly sold on the market to CBD product companies.

CDB Isolate Processing

The purest form of CBD post processing, processing hemp to a CBD isolate leaves you with a 99% pure CBD product that is highly liquid on the open market.  CBD isolate is the core component of most tinctures, salves, balms and indigestible products and is therefore highly sought after.  Defiant Hemp Company post processing to a CBD isolate is available upon request at competitive terms ranging from per gram pricing to crop share and revenue sharing.

Inquire About Hemp Processing

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