Defiant Hemp Company CBD Products

Defiant Hemp Company is the product of 4 friends and Colorado evangelists who saw firsthand the value of CBD products in daily life.  The problem was consistent of product when it came to purity, therapeutical value and access to the supply.  Rather than chance the market, supply, and government regulation, we decided the pave our own way and create our own supply chain from seed to final product.  We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality CBD products and oils that can be guaranteed their purity and quality at affordable prices.  You deserve to know how your product was created from the day it was planted to the day it was bottled, and we’ll stand defiant in the way of anyone who disagrees.

Defiant Hemp Company CBD Oil Products

Our Principles

  • Quality & Consistency

    Every batch of Defiant Hemp Company products are rigorously tested and screened for concentration and contaminants by independent third party testing facilities.

  • Care from Seed to Harvest

    Our plants are grown directly on site ensuring that we’re able to provide optimal care and growing conditions for the highest quality finished CBD product.

  • Purity Guarantee

    As a result of strict growing and processing procedures we’re able to provide a 100% guarantee of stated purity and concentration in all products.